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Jared Cook
2 min readMay 19, 2020


Car Dealers can increase revenue by establishing WiFi marketing and analytics solutions to create additional communication channels for potential buyers.

Is your dealership collecting customer data of potential buyers and not just information of purchasers?

Do you know how many consumers walk through your car dealership that do not make a direct purchase?

It’s time to turn your waiting room into a marketing opportunity. Generate leads and increase revenue through your Free WiFi offering.

Data Capture

Grow your customer database with BridgeLogic’s Smart WiFi Marketing and Analytics solutions. Collect quality email addresses from potential buyers actively visiting your showroom, service department and dealer lot.

When a consumer enters the dealership, they provide an email address or demographic information through social media login in exchange for free Guest WiFi. This allows your venue to capture user contact details and demographic data.


Advertise new vehicle models and promote special offers for new cars, services and financing right on your captive portal landing page. Or redirect users to ‘Like’ your Facebook page.

Automate marketing communications to those consumers promoting special offers, discounts and events. Send customized messages to customers following their visit days, weeks and months after they visited.


With BridgeLogic’s WiFi presence analytics features you can monitor traffic flow throughout your entire property. Create reports on busiest days of the week and peak times of the day. Determine where vehicles should be placed based on what specific location of your dealership gets the most foot traffic.

Presence analytics can be done without anyone even logging into your Free WiFi by tracking a MAC address from their phone or device.

Bridgelogic’s Smart WiFi platform allows dealerships to keep track of return customers by connecting their email address with their MAC address.

We provide a very user-friendly WiFi marketing and analytics service and can accommodate your indoor facility or entire dealership lot.

Originally published at https://bridgelogicwifi.com on May 19, 2020.