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Jared Cook
2 min readJul 13, 2020


As the tourism industry starts to pick back up, hotels reputation management maintains an important focus for differentiation. Online reviews and boosting your customer loyalty are more important than ever right now. Guests are using technology to research what hotels have updated their safety protocols and they are relying on which hotels have the highest rankings and the best online reviews. Your online reputation could make or break you. It’s always good to be proactive on negative reviews.


Guests want to know what safety guidelines you have in place to protect them against COVID-19. You can utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within the platform to email past guests and also get key insights for future guests and build your customer database.


Customer reviews can be a huge benefit to the hospitality industry. Properties with more reviews receive a higher ranking than hotels with fewer reviews. According to a survey performed by TripAdvisor 88% of travelers filter out hotels with an average star rating below three, 96% consider reviews important when researching a hotel and four out of five believe that hotels that responds to reviews care more about their guests.

It’s always good to encourage your customers to write a review. With an automated marketing WiFi platform, you can build your global reach by increasing the number of positive reviews on travel sites. When a guest connects to your free WiFi, they will be redirected to the travel review site of your choice prompting them to leave feedback.


Creating customer loyalty is also a very important step to a hotels success. Attracting new customers cost five times more than keeping an existing customer. Incorporating free Guest WiFi with WiFi analytics marketing platform can create an immediate bond with your guest. Once your guest connects to your WiFi you can send an automated “welcome” email welcoming them to your hotel and you could also send a “Thank you” email at the end of the stay. With this platform you can also send the guests email offers for discounted rates or freebies for the next stay.

Hopefully these tips will be beneficial for a successful reopening and continued growth for the hospitality industry. BridgeLogic’s user-friendly platform allows hospitality companies to gather information on current loyalty members while also gaining valuable insight from new or visiting customers. In return, growing hotel foot traffic and their customer database. If you already offer Guest WiFi, you can take it one step further and provide the WiFi presence analytics feature.

Originally published at on July 13, 2020.