Jared Cook
2 min readNov 3, 2020


Are your employees tired of spending so much time keeping your CRM updated?

An outdated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be time-consuming and frustrating to employees. Instead of spending time with customers, employees are spending time updating the CRM. Manual data entry can also lead to more errors.

66% of sellers would rather stand in line at the DMV, get stuck in traffic, do jury duty, clean the bathroom, make a trip to the dentist, or even be nagged by their significant other than update their CRM system.

BridgeLogic WiFi offers a platform that takes away the time-consuming manual data entering. The user-friendly software allows you to effortlessly create a custom login page for end-users to sign-in to venue WiFi through email or mobile, customized surveys or social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…)

WiFi Marketing

  • Gather valuable customer contact and demographic information
  • Communicate to customers with hyper-targeted, real-time customer engagement
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Automate campaigns to send targeted emails, SMS and webhooks to customers to drive spend and increase engagement
  • Promote special offers and events
  • Execute preset email campaigns to customers based on specific activities and behaviors (e.g. visit frequency) inside a specific venue
  • Easily promote offers, events, or loyalty programs to new and existing customers

This platform can help ensure that you are using the right content for the right customers. Really understanding who your customers are and what they want is key.

Location Analytics

  • Measure and visualize footfall of connections, visitors, and passerby’s.
  • Determine busiest time of day, how many people walk by, when is the best time to run a promotion.
  • Track first-time visitors and repeat visitors.
  • Create customized location reports to analyze data from one-to-many.

Originally published at https://bridgelogicwifi.com on November 3, 2020.