The holidays are right around the corner!

Jared Cook
2 min readOct 22, 2020

Many brick and mortar businesses are starting to promote Black Friday holiday sales. Home Depot stated that they will stretch their Black Friday sales for nearly two months instead of just the one day. Since shopping looks a little different this year, retail companies need to figure out the best marketing strategies to promote their brand this holiday season. Holiday Shopping with your Guest WiFi is a great strategy.

A great marketing strategy is to turn your Guest WiFi into a revenue generating marketing tool that tracks the number of users, retains guest email contact, repeat visits, foot traffic and consumer demographic insight.

Here’s how your Guest WiFi can help you promote your brand.

Social Media

Encourage your guests to log on to your WiFi by offering a discount or coupon. Guests log onto your free Guest WiFi through their email or social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). You can redirect your guests to your social media account to encourage them to like your business page for special offers.

Demographic Information

Once your guest has logged on, you will be able to gather valuable information such as age, gender and demographics. This information helps you to better connect with your guests. Sending emails that appeal to specific groups of people are key to peaking their interest.

Busiest Hours/Running Promotions

Location Analytics allows you to estimate foot traffic that is passing within the range of your router. You can measure and visualize footfall of connections, visitors and passerby’s. Determine the busiest time of the day, how many people walk by and when the best time to run a promotion is. Track first-time visitors and repeat visitors. Create customized location reports to analyze data from one-to-many.

Guest WiFi can be a valuable tool even for customer picking up items. Guests can order online and park in front of your store to pick up the item. Have the guest log on to the Guest WiFi to let you know they are there and bring the item out to them.

Originally published at on October 22, 2020.